The basement floor of the Centre is largely occupied by 26 large-scale models (4-10 m2) that reproduce SNIA Viscosa plants in Italy and abroad in the late ‘50s. They were commissioned by SNIA Viscosa as a simple and immediate illustration of their factories, for delegations from foreign companies who came to visit the plants of Italy’s leading textile company.

Most of the models are of industrial plants in the north: in Piedmont (Altessano, Venaria Reale and Turin), Lombardy (Cesano Maderno, Ceriano Laghetto, Voghera, Pavia, Magenta and Varedo), Veneto (Padua, Vittorio Veneto and Este), and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Tarcento, Pordenone, Trieste, Sagrado, Meduno and Torviscosa). Some show plants in the centre-south (Rieti and Naples) and others show factories located abroad (in Mexico, South Africa, India and the ex-USSR).