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La casa a chi lavora. Workers' villages and company social facilities in the photos and documents of the SNIA Viscosa Historical Archive

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Attilio Snidero alla SAICI di Torviscosa, 1940 – 1980. Operaio, comunista, sindacalista

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Educational laboratory

30th APRIL, 14th and 21st MAY 2017

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City of autarky and cellulose

Opening: April, 1st 2017

The exhibition presents the history of Torviscosa in its historical, urban and environmental perspectives.

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Labor Omnia Vincit. Portraits of Life and Work from the Photographic Archive of SNIA Viscosa

30th April 2016 - 2 October 2016

This photographic exhibition documents the unusual history of the town-factory of Torviscosa’s autarkic origin and presents an exceptional historic, artistic and socio-anthropological heritage.

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Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in Torre Viscosa

Torviscosa, CID – 14th November – 13th December 2015

An exhibition dedicated to the Futurist poet’s relationship with SNIA Viscosa and, in particular, with its president Franco Marinotti, who commissioned the poet to write the “Poem of Torre Viscosa” for the town’s foundation. The exhibition presented documents found in the Beinecke Library, the prestigious library at Yale University, which include Marinetti’s letters and the first drafts of the poem.

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Tranquillo Marangoni, Woodcuts

Torviscosa, CID – 22nd August – 4th October 2015

Tranquillo Marangoni (Pozzuolo del Friuli, 1912 – Ronco Scrivia, 1992) was one of the most important European woodcut artists of the 20th century.

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Russia in the Age of Stalin in the photography of Emmanuil Evzerichin

Torviscosa, CID – 18th April – 4th October 2015

Emmanuil Evzerichin was one of the leading Soviet documentary photographers of the ’30s and ’40s, a witness of the most important official events and of many of the most important episodes of the war, including the defence of Stalingrad, as well as everyday life in Russia at the time, especially in Moscow, where he moved at a very young age to work for the TASS agency. The exhibition was a new international event, as the 70 photographs displayed at Torviscosa were virtually unknown outside Russia.

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PG 107 - Villaggio Roma. From a concentration camp for prisoners of war in Torviscosa to the SAICI - SNIA Viscosa workers' village

Torviscosa (Villaggio Roma) – 7th June – 30th October 2014

The exhibition, held in Villaggio Roma, presents the history of the prison camp and its transformation into a village for agricultural workers that is now called Villaggio Roma. It has 80 panels displaying around 300 documents, 120 photographs and over 70 illustrations including drawings and maps.

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Arkady Shaikhet. A master of Russian photography in the ’20s and ‘30s

8th March – 30th October 2014

Arkady Samoylovich Shaikhet (Nikolajew, 1898 – Moscow, 1959) was one of the leading Soviet photographers of the 1920s and ‘30s. His photographs document large scale planning and transformation of the countryside in the Soviet Union.

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The Battle for Grain. Autarky, land reclamation and new towns.

1st March – 30th October 2014

The exhibition presented an exceptional gallery of original documents, posters, pamphlets, illustrated books, postcards, sculptures and paintings describing the economic, social and cultural framework of Italy in the 1930s and the media campaign with which the Fascist regime accompanied its programme of political and agrarian reform, known as the "Battle for Grain".

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Italian Planned Communities 1928-1942

23rd October - 11th December 2010

A historic documentary exhibition dedicated to the towns designed and built during two decades of Fascism. The exhibition, curated by Fabrizio Forte and Massimiliano Vittori, was made up of large-scale and giant photographs as well as maps, historic files and urban plans of towns, posters and books of the time.

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